About Us

Plantwide, Inc. specializes in filtration and drying technologies for compressed air and gas applications as well as nitrogen gas generators. We also support niche markets with OEM filtration for liquids and gases. For more than 20 years, Plantwide, Inc. has served a wide range of industries including manufacturing, food and dairy, analytical instruments, optical, metal fabrication, power generation and more. As the exclusive Balston rep for filters and nitrogen gas generators throughout the upper Midwest, we combine local representation with superior application knowledge to engineer custom technological solutions that wisely address plant wide operational issues. By choosing our high quality filtration and gas separation solutions our customers experience higher profitability and increased productivity.

Mission Statement:

To improve manufacturing profits and productivity with technology.

Statement of Values:

We value customer satisfaction, integrity and growth.


Meet our Team

Industry professionals with years of experience.

Michael — Founder/Owner — Business development market(s) MN, WI, ND & SD
Michael is a niche application specialist for OEM, end-user filtration, and an expert in compressed air filtration and drying. He is also a Food Market Specialist for sterile air and SQF qualification requirements. Using his expertise in nitrogen gas generation, he has engineered and installed hundreds of systems for customers throughout the Upper Midwest.

David — Business development market — IA
David has 19 years of technical consulting and sales experience working with companies of all sizes to solve business issues. As an Iowa native and lifelong resident, excluding his years in military service, David understands the business climate and purchasing sophistication of Iowa.

What Clients Are Saying:

“Michael Russ has a very high degree of product knowledge and application experience. We have been using Parker/Balston filtration on our equipment for over 12 years to keep our expensive parts from getting ruined. Mike is our key source for filtration.”
— S. Brady
“Mike’s expertise in understating compressed air, compressed air drying and nitrogen gas generation system has saved my company thousands of dollars. Improved productivity and equipment performance has made a huge difference in my shop. Mike’s high level of customer service has made him a trusted partner for my business.”
— Brent D.
“Excellent customer service. Mike works hard to ensure the purchasing process is smooth and any issues are dealt with promptly.”
— Rick A.