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Balston Generators for Electronic Manufacturers

Lead Soldering Paste

For many electronics manufacturers, lead solder paste is essential to the manufacturing process. Unfortunately lead has negative health impacts and is subject to strict environmental regulations, prompting many companies to switch to lead-free soldering paste made from tin.

The Problem with Lead-Free Paste

Lead-free soldering paste removes unwanted lead from the soldering process, but it creates another problem. Unlike lead, tin requires higher temperatures for soldering. These higher temperatures break down much of the solderability coating on circuitry. Without the coating, the metal oxidizes: compromising usability by becoming more difficult to work with while increasing defects and aesthetic imperfections.

The Solution: Nitrogen Inerting

Plantwide devised a process to protect circuitry against oxygen, the leading cause of damage. Using a Balston nitrogen generator in combination with lead-free soldering paste delivers positive results:

  • Reduces operating costs by preventing instances of defects from oxidation.
  • Protects aesthetics of circuitry and boards by preventing pitting and voids.
  • Increases ease of manufacturing by protecting solderability coating from damage.
  • Greatly reduces operating and maintenance costs.
  • Reinforces higher quality products by protecting joint integrity.

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