Balston Compressed Air Dryers for Metal Fabrication

CNC Equipment Air Dryers

The Benefits

  • Eliminates water contamination.
  • Eliminates corrosion from moisture.
  • Minimizes product irregularities.
  • Increases productivity.

CNC machining requires precision. The slightest bit of moisture or air impurity can compromise output and productivity. If tooling on the CNC machines is altered in any way, it can have disastrous effects on product quality and machine functionality. Compressed Air Dryers from Balston provide a clean source of compressed air, free of liquid and contamination. With Balston, CNC machines run longer and stronger with less downtime.

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Air Dryers

The Benefits

  • Save up to 40% over a refrigerant air dryer with Balston filters.
  • Durable enough to handled the dirtiest compressed air systems.
  • Reduces the need for costly maintenance contracts.
  • No electricity required.
  • Prevents harmful buildup on CMMs.
  • Reduces operational costs of CMMs.

CMMs are vital to the quality control process. The machines detect the slightest imperfections in metal parts, giving fabricators the early warning they need to reduce product waste and minimize recalls. Unfortunately, these machines are highly sensitive. Typically a CMM has 26 air bearings. Each one can easily clog with moisture and particle buildup, and a clogged bearing causes two major issues that threaten productivity:

  • Inaccuracy – Initially, clogged bearings begin to lose accuracy and possibly miss defects in product quality. Extreme cases may lead to recalls, product waste and loss of revenue.
  • Grooves – If a clogged bearing goes unnoticed, a groove will emerge within the CMM. To correct the groove, and the inaccurate measurements that go with it, a complete rebuild of the CMM is likely a necessity.

Balston Compressed Air Dryers provide a steady source of clean, dry air to a CMM, preventing the contamination and clogging that can destroy machines. For years, Balston has helped metal fabricators using CMMs avoid thousands of dollars in preventable repairs.

Laser Air Dryers

The Benefits

  • Prevents smoke, dirt and moisture buildup.
  • Reduces downtime due to maintenance disruptions.
  • Ensures laser intensity.

Processes like laser cutting rely on laser resonators with built-in mirrors. These mirrors can easily become cloudy when dust, smoke and water are present. Even a minor amount of debris can reduce the intensity of a laser. Balston Compressed Air Dryers keep moisture, dust and smoke out of components to maintain the integrity and intensity of lasers.

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