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Completely remove oil, water and solids from compressed air and other gases!

Balston’s High Efficiency Coalescing Filters remove contaminates to 0.01 micron at up to 99.99% efficient. Lower pressure drops, higher rated flow rates and longer lasting filter elements, make Balston Filters the most cost effective solution for your tough applications.


  • General plant compressed air
  • Pneumatic equipment and controls
  • Prevention of freeze-ups
  • Provide clean air for laser operation
  • CNC / CMM machinery
  • HVAC systems
  • Process controls
  • Laser optics
  • Electronic equipment blow off
  • Dry air for fire sprinkler systems
  • Protect analyzers and instrumentation
  • Eliminate oil mist and smoke from vacuum exhaust
  • Prevent particulate and back streaming of oil from contaminating vacuum pumps
  • Culinary steam for direct steam injection
  • Sterile air for food plant compressed air

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