Steam Filter Benefits:Steam Filters in the Food Insustry

  • Protect specific food products (i.e., potatoes) from:
    • Rust/dirt particle contamination.
    • Boiler feedwater chemicals.
    • Excessive condensate.
  • Filter eliminates overall contamination, taste differences, odor (due to steam supply) and unwanted additives to food.
  • Allow for direct injection cooking providing shorter cooking times and more even cooking.
  • All FDA approved material.
  • USDA acceptance.
  • Complies with 3-A Sanitary Standards committee’s practice for producing culinary quality steam.
  • Complies with Pasteurized Milk Ordinance.

Sterile Air Filter Benefits:Sterile Air Filters

  • Extends shelf life of food products.
  • Eliminates all oil, water, solids and bacteria from compressed air and protects against contamination and spoilage (i.e. mold on bread).
  • All FDA approved materials.
  • Sterile Air Filter Retention efficiency is at least 30 times better than the accepted sterile air filter requirement.
  • Can be steam sterilized in line.
  • USDA acceptance.

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