Balston Disposable Filter Unit Capabilities

Balston Disposable Filter Unit Capabilities

  • Compact in-line design
  • Available with liquid drain port and various indicators
  • Wide range of filter efficiencies
  • Resistant materials of construction
  • Pressures up to 125 psig
  • Lightweight, cost effective
  • Choice of port size and configuration


Disposable Filter Units

Parker Hannifin manufactures the Balston branded Disposable Filter Unit (DFU) which incorporates our extensive media capability with a small, inexpensive, disposable housing. Parker Hannifin introduced this unique design to the filtration industry over 20 years ago.

Parker Hannifin / Balston DFU-s are available in custom sizes and configurations as well as standard designs. A wide range of filter media is available to configure application specific filtration. We can also design a disposable filter housing that suits your application needs.

Parker Hannifin pioneered oil indicating technology over 15 years ago. We have recently developed new indicators to monitor the condition of various fluid streams. For instance, bacteria indicators for food, medical and dental applications and moisture indicators for air lines.


  • Protection of pneumatic controls
  • Instrument air filtration
  • Filtration of samples to analyzers
  • Indication of moisture, oil, or bacteria present in air or gas

Learn how Balston’s disposable filters can meet your unique needs. Contact our professionals for assistance.