Balston Filter Media Capabilities

  • High efficiency particulate filtration from 10 micron to 0.01 micronBalston Filter Media
  • Wide range of sizes and flow rates available
  • Cost effective, self sealing designs
  • Efficiencies from 93% to 99.9999%
  • For use in gas or liquid streams
  • Minimal pressure drop


Balston Filter Media Capabilities

Parker Hannifin has manufactured Balston branded filter media for over thirty years. Our capabilities and expertise are unmatched throughout the world. Parker Hannifin filter media is available in a wide range of custom sizes and configurations as well as hundreds of standard designs. We can assist in identifying your needs and offer suggestions on the best way to meet your application requirements. If you have a custom size requirement, we can develop a product that meets your needs.

Parker Hannifin has an extensive range of materials to suit the different applications you might encounter. More importantly, we have the expertise to formulate these materials into the high efficiency media you need for your application. Our technology also enables us to develop and formulate media from new materials every day.

Challenge Parker Hannifin with a specific efficiency and flow characteristic, if we do not already manufacture a grade that suits your needs…we´ll develop one utilizing our team of knowledgeable engineers and scientists.


  • General purpose compressed air filtration
  • Instrument air filtration
  • Protection of pneumatic control components
  • Bacterial removal from air for food, medical, and dental use
  • Protection of pneumatic process equipment
  • Filtration of samples to analyzers
  • High purity liquids
  • Bacteria and parasite removal from water

For decades Balston has provided top-of-the-line filter media, meeting standard and unique needs. Learn how we can help by giving us a call or filling out the contact form.