Balston OEM Nitrogen Generators

  • Membrane and Pressure Swing technologies available
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of cylinder gas
  • Membrane systems require no electricity
  • Long term cost stability
  • Components can be built into manufacturer’s equipment

Parker Hannifin manufactures a full line of nitrogen generators which are sold under the Balston brand. These generators are field proven over the past ten years in a variety of applications from chemical blanketing to food packaging and gas assist injection molding. The nitrogen generator product line is available for re-sale into niche applications. The nitrogen generator components and technologies are available for assembly into OEM equipment.

Balston Nitrogen Generators use hollow fiber membrane and pressure swing adsorption, state-of-the-art technologies to deliver high purity nitrogen from compressed air. These technologies are used to separate and purge oxygen, water and carbon dioxide molecules to produce a high purity, pressurized flow of nitrogen gas. The technology intensive components which separate the air are well protected by high efficiency Balston coalescing filters and adsorption cartridges. The service life of well maintained nitrogen generators is in excess of ten years.


  • Chemical and solvent blanketing
  • Gas assist injection molding
  • Food packaging and processing
  • Analytical instrument purging
  • Mixing and sparging of solutions

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