DuraDRY Coalescing Filters Engineered for OEM customersDuraDRY Coalescing Filters

Remove 99.99% of 0.01 micron particles of oil, water, and dirt from compressed air and other gasesContinuously trap and drain liquids Service flow ranges from a few SCFM to 40,000 SCFMRemove trace oil vapor with adsorbent cartridges

DuraDRY Filter Assemblies

DuraDRY Coalescing Compressed Air Filters protect your equipment and delicate instruments from the dirt, water, and oil usually found in compressed air. DuraDRY Coalescing Filters remove these contaminants at a very high efficiency – up to 99.99% for 0.01 micron particles and droplets.

Liquid releases from the filter cartridge to an automatic drain as rapidly as it enters the filter. This allows a DuraDRY Coalescing Filter to continue removing liquids for an unlimited time without loss of efficiency or flow capacity.

The data sheets in this section of your DuraDRY product catalog are organized according to filter port size.

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